Montel on Fox


7 Responses to “Montel on Fox”

  1. gedom Says:

    I’m with you on this one! Maybe someone else will pick it up, I hope they do.

  2. lauren Says:

    good for montel, fuck faux news

  3. vidura Says:

    You can blame this incident on the powerful godless degenerate Gay Mafia.

  4. BJ Says:

    Montel – you’re the best! You’ve been speaking from your heart all along which is something the broadcast waves seem to fear so they censure. But the public needs it more than any of the tribble that the PTB feeds us. Bless you !

  5. Jon Says:

    Montel got what was coming to him.

    Really what did you expect to happen when he goes on Fox and starts this up?

    I’m not saying he’s not right, but in all reality it was going to happen, and Fox flexed their muscles.

    Also, the media long ago stopped reporting every single death of the soldiers in Iraq, quite possibily at the request of the White House after being under such scrutiny for such a long period about the whole war.

    Funny how those that supported the war and everything now want it over with.

  6. Dana Says:

    What the heck do you mean he “got what was coming to him.”!? Are you so brainwashed? You’re one of the masses that he’s talking about. Is there no more free speech!!?? If everyone thinks like you, there isn’t.

    “The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.”
    Benjamin Franklin

    You sir, deserve neither.

  7. paola benevento Says:

    unfair to get him off the air he is wonderful in every way wonderful spokeperson reallyenjoy his tolk show.

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