Let’s get Montel Back on the Air!

montel_williams.jpgVariety just reported that The Montel Williams Show has been cancelled just 3 days after appearing on a morning show where he criticized the media’s obsession with celebrity. I hope he was not cancelled because he supported the troops. In any case please join this campaign to get him back on the air. Just add your comments of support or any help you can offer to get the word out.


59 Responses to “Let’s get Montel Back on the Air!”

  1. NTaylor Says:

    Thanks Montel! For making these comments I’ll work to help your show get back on the air!


  2. 4dtroops Says:

    Let’s get him back.

  3. Judy Hausler Says:

    Montel is correct!! We know what movie stars do everyday and most people do not understand out our government works!
    We should honor our fallen soliders and we should not have waited until Montel told us to! With today’s news ability and how quickly they get a story on Brittney up we could as easliy put names of out fallen service men and women up on a screen for a few seconds. And Montel Williams should get a Thank you not lose his show.
    We need more people like him to speak out. THIS COUNTY HAS GONE TO H— IN A HAND BASKET

  4. Lindy Says:

    Finally a person that is not scared about being “politically correct” and has the guts to admit on the air what we should all know in out heart. It is sad about Keith and Brittney and all of the other celebrities that die or have problems in their life. We all do. Once men and women serve to protect the freedom that we and the celebrities take for granted they have automatically put themselves in the “celebrity” category as far as I am concerned. Anyone that volunteers and serves to protect my family is a celebrity to me and deserves all of the the honor and respect I can give. How dare us not give them and their families all of the respect and recognition they have earned. Shame on us. Hurray for Montel!!

  5. kathy Says:


  6. Michelle Says:

    Kudos to Montel for telling it like it is. Yes Celebrity’s are people, but what about the men and women that die everyday to keep us safe. The service men and women need recognition now, not only when they are killed in the line of duty. What is will all the violence in the world? Work together with people like Montel and make this world a better place for the future of our children.

    Thanks Montel for speaking up. There is no doubt in my mind that you have a super support system behind you.

  7. Adam Says:

    Montel has stood up for many things in his life with no fear of prosecution and I admire him for that. he is a prime example of what everyone should be. he is not afraid to speak his mind which should be rewarded.

  8. Peace Says:

    I smell either a Democrat endorsement or a Ron Paul endorsement coming on. Dr. Paul is very concerned about the number of troops dieing everyday!!!! And of course Democrats (supposedly) are trying to push for withdrawal ASAP (The Democratic Congress has failed to do so)! Anyway, I completely applaud Montel’s reality check to the FoxNews viewers and I hope his network isn’t stupid enough to cancel his show just because he expressed his freedom of speech as an American and showed patriotism for our citizens, the troops!!!!

  9. MG Says:


  10. totally dude guy Says:

    Montel is the God of shitty day time talk shows featuring fake people with ridiculous problems that serve for no purpose other than to entertain like a freakshow.

    I could give a shit less if his shitcan of a show gets back on air…

    But what he says is true…He should stand up for his point from now on.

  11. Flygurl Says:

    Rock on Montel!!
    With you all the way!! Free speach is not a crime…So….People ..let’s hear YOUR voice!
    I hope we all learn a lesson hear and and Sindicated America know that WE WILL BE HEARD!! Keep up the good work!

  12. Jon Dennis Says:

    Celebrity sensationalism has overrun our nightly news and, instead of hearing about what’s actually important, we hear about whatever superfluous crap has happened to a not-so-effectual celebrity. Our worlds problems continue, to a large extent, because we never hear about them and their perpetuators are never known and never questioned.

    I do not know what Montel’s position on the war is, but I think he speaks for much of America when he asks that the lives being lost in Iraq be moved to the center of our national attention. That his show was canceled because of this saddens me greatly.

  13. stan Says:

    i know im going to be called a homosexual commie who eats babies and runs over little old ladies out for groceries on a sunday afternoon for saying this – but why should we care about the soldiers who die?

    i mean NO disrespect to the soldiers – but really – why? what about the cops who die on the job? or fire fighters? or the medical professionals who accidentally get stuck with a needle helping an HIV + patient? what about the King Crab fishermen in alaska that ship out to bring us back tastey treats from the sea never to return?

    In todays army being a soldier is a job. countless lives are lost each and every day – many of them doing jobs that serve the better good. is the soldier who stepped on an IED any more noble than the farmer who puts food on tables across America? Or the teacher who educates our children? I dont see how.

    Many people are rallying to montel giving him kudos for ‘saying it how it is’ but in all reality – is he. It seems all too often that the people who clamor loudest about ‘the troops’ are just pulling the PC heartstrings of joe america and not really giving a damn about what they are talking about.

    Even if their sentiments are true – why? I have great respect for the man who dove on a grenade to save the lives of his buddies in combat. He is a hero and deserves the respect that goes with such heroic deeds. Need we automatically give the same respect to someone who died in an accident doing a job that they knew was risky but knowingly signed up for anyways? I dont think so – and if we do – where dopes it stop?

  14. Andre Says:

    I totaly agree with Montell .I am from Canada and we have close to 80 troops who have died in Afghanistan..I am sure 90% of USA does not even know our troops are there trying to clean up what mess the americans left when they hit the country and by the way left the taliban troops escape to Pakistan with some sort of agreement with Pakistani intel ,but another stroy that is..

    I agree that nothing wrong with Montell doing what he did,God praise him and execs should be sick for canning him..
    We all know Iraq is a death trap ,elections are soon coming up and fox should try and do as much as they can do bring this out and try and cut down on usa troops..720 million each day is spent to keep this invasion going and we know it is a mess and only reason they are there is to set up middle east base since saudi is no longer viable and to safeguard the oil ..

    I understand the importance of the oil but good God i am sure Iraqi’s people do as well but let them live again .close to 1 million have died since the first attack because of sanctions and war..enough ..the usa is bankrupt.it owes 57 trillion with all of its obligations to pension plan and social security and t bill etc..

    i think we have a problem yes??

    the gold reserves in fort knox have been depleted to save the fiat currency let alone the theft that has been going on ,i remember 2 trillion missing from pentagon that was not accounted for ,go after that money but forgot the documents were destroyed on 911 and ooops so was the gold under world trade center ,with those semis a few days before taking it away..

    my point here is we know USA has ben taking over by zionist monsters who headed by select few associated to the elite english families and other clicks but if they want to have a chance at survival they are going to have to come to reason and give in some here..people are tired of this war ,the looting ,the dying and the blatant destruction of America..
    all montell wants is pay respect to those soldiers who have died in vain..CBS use to do it at end of news not sure if they do anymore but more emphasis should be put on support for troops..

    Sure am glad i dont work for network or i would certainly be tired..

    just wake up people ,we know whats going on time for you all to become a little more humane no?

  15. Andre Says:

    for the record
    I LOve the USA ,it was the envy of every nation not to long ago and i am just saddened at what has gone on in the last decade..
    a country that has so much and could even have run other nations without the strong armm..

    the worse thing i find is to keep people down..shortsided ways and most definately america has so much more to gain if they did things the way we were so proud of in the past..

    just thought i would clear up that i love the old USA and not bashing just making a point that people are not dumb just broken down is all/

  16. Kathy Says:

    Montel, forget nazi fox 5- they are a New World Order mouthpiece. You are far too good for those lying, anti-freedom a h’s. It’s time we all blocked them from our boxes! Where is a good hacker when you need one?? Let’s block ALL media with an evil agenda. I’d love to see shows where truth is honored, respect for life is the norm, and the message is delivered with integrity —— you know—- the way you did your shows!!! Those cowardly creeps you spoke with are helping to create a terrible world amd they deserve to suffer in it. Too bad for their own kids for whom they obviously don’t give a damn!! -K

  17. Donald Says:

    Personally, I am not a fan of the show. I actually pray every day that it would one day I would turn the TV on and see the show as just a black screen. But, sad to say that what has happened in this situation is wrong. It is wrong a a form of governmental and media driven censorship. This is a perfect example of what happens to someone when they voice theyre opinion in the United States. It is now a crime in the US to voice your certain opinions about sensitive topics that they dont want the citizens to get involved. He didn’t want to talk about heath ledger….big deal. Im glad someone finally told fox what needed to be said. I guess I can stand the show a bit longer…

  18. francesca025 Says:

    Can’t say that I am a particular fan of Montel and apart from this website and having watched the fox news broadcast, have not seen the precise details relating to the cancellation of his show, which I never watched anyway.

    Nevertheless, I would be surprised if the sole reason for the cancellation of his show was his comments on Fox News. There may have been personal reasons why the show was cancelled.

    If the show was cancelled because his sponsors were unhappy with his comments running contrary to the whole philosphy behind their programming, then I wonder how many other broadcasters are or should be in the same position as Montel. Over the weekend I saw a female journalist on the O’Reilly factor who expressed similar sentiments to Montel about the Heath Ledger/Britney scenario v lack of coverage of US troops. Is she still in a job I wonder….??

  19. Jeremy B. Says:

    I applaud Montel Williams, I hope we can more veterans like him on the air. Instead of showing drug addicted so-called Stars on the air. There should be more coverage of our troops providing the very freedom of 1st amendment rights. As a Desert Storm veteran i can speak what its like over there and the change for the better it has become. You people that have never served and sit on the sidelines and think you know what is going on should just thank a veteran for giving you the freedom you have and don’t speak like you know first hand whats going on in Iraq and Afghastian. BZ Montel Williams please don’t let them keep your voice unheard. Jeremy Bell Detroit, MI

  20. Nell Says:

    Montel is right. That corporate news media would want to squash a touchy subject enough to silence him is a message we, as a public, need to acknowledge. How much are we never told. What is the real news. For any of you with any knowledge of the “real” world you are going to alternative news services for something more resembling the truth….It isn’t on network news!!!

    Bring back Montel and anyone else who dares to challenge “the network press”.

  21. Elle Says:

    I agree with Montel..how dare they take his show off the air for the truth….He is entitled to his opinions..isnt everyone always spouting “Free speech”…what crap…hypocrites..
    Some ugly witch, griffith is allowed to diss our Lord..and he isnt allowed to speak his opinion…Puleeze..

  22. Matt Says:

    fox news is horrible for getting him canceled i am no longer listening to them even though there conservative there just assholes now

  23. A. A. Says:

    I guess fox has no room in their line-up for freedom of opinion… fox news is a joke…

  24. Melissa Says:

    I agree 100% with Montel! I loved the work that Heath Ledger did. I own most of his movies, however, I don’t believe his death deserves more coverage than the men and women who die for our country! I sincerely hope they put him back on the air.

  25. James Riley Says:

    When there is such a lack of passionate and articulate show hosts on American television today the last thing that a network should do is take a professional off the air. Bring him back!

  26. Arman Says:

    I agree 100% Montel’s show needs to continue its run way past 17 years and continue to be one of the most positive, thought provoking and inspiring shows on TV right now. The cancelation of his show just shows that Fox cares alot less about the viewers, and about their opinions, as well as lack of compassion for our troops.

  27. Ryan Says:

    Hey I am no daytime talkshow host person and even I know this man has done way more the anyone man should ever be expected to, I will stand behind him on that fact alone. Not to mention I totaly agree, Our liberal media today is just down right wicked. Yes an actor passing away is note worthy, but what about the men and women that are laying down thier lives for freedom. All we hear about is how bad president bush is for not pulling them out, but what we don’t see is the heartlessness of our media counting numbers and posting them as facts on a TV screen…these numbers are PEOPLE…Moms, Dads, Sons, Daughters, and Best friends. Shame on fox, cbs, nbc, abc, and all of our so called news stations!

  28. Ida Rioux Says:

    I hope your show isn’t cancelled permanently. What you said on that terrible Fox station was great and more Americans should speak out about the war in Iraq

  29. Nick Says:

    COME BACK MONTEL!!!!!!!!

  30. Megan Says:

    this is horrible, it makes me sick that he could be fired for being patriotic. This country would rather talk about britney spears than talk about the real issues facing this country. & the soldiers who are out there fighting for their right to be on TV and have free speech.

  31. Lindsay Says:


  32. Steve Says:

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
    Does expressing an intelligent opinion get you fired?

    Bring Montel back please.

  33. Chad Says:

    [Gasp!] Montel speaks common sense, truth, and honesty on Fox News?! Shame on him! [Sarcasm off.]

    Thank you Montel for speaking up for Americans who actually care about others, not just themselves.

    Bring Montel back. Tell the sponsors he just won another viewer over.

  34. Answerer Says:

    Bring back Montel. (With a change of set – Something Cheery – Bright greens, blues, yellows, Something with creme, Make it smooth kinda like Oprah’s set) I watched him. Recently at Yahoo! Answers I’ve asked a question regarding the changing of the status quo. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AoG7OgyF4L61KXd3_v25h6nty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080106172701AAsMfyo I frankly agree. Why should we as people do what’s always been done just because it’s always been done? Someone had to take the initiative and likewise we must take the initiative now to grow. There’s nothing wrong with traditions in the archaic sense but tradition can potential STUNT growth and progress. There are places in the world that haven’t changed for 300 or more years regarding lifestyle practices. What would America be like if the same was said about us? We have our traditions too, our religions, but atleast we to some degree accept change. And now, as the woman and man tried to comment, they’re doing it for ratings. As if that’s the only thing that matters, as if that what makes it right. As people our values and morals should be the foundation of what we do, think, or say. Without that, we’re not as good as we could be. Thank goodness for people like Montel – who is within the public eye and yet unafraid to make a difference, unafraid to do what’s right – as you could tell that whole stage wanted to silence him, he was breaking the status quo but he stuck to his guns and did what he needed to do. He does a lot of good everywhere, and although I’m sure he has his deals setup so that he probably won’t have monetary troubles I’d be nice to know that a person like this was on air to balance out all of the hedonistic crap that’s spewed over the airwaves for their precious ratings. It’s that same mentality that have corporations greedily what some have figuratively called “raping” mother earth regarding the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and so on. For all our sakes, Keep Montel on Air.

  35. jodie Says:

    bring montel back! its about time someone stood up and made a valid point. if his show was cancelled because of this that is complete bullsh*t. i applaud him for standing up for what he believes in. heath ledger’s passing is sad dont get me wrong. but there are greater tradgies going on that deserve way more attention. i tip my hat to you montel, -jodie & danny

  36. mel Says:

    I don’t think Fox deserves Montel back, but another network should snatch him up and applaud his action. This country is supposed to stand for freedom of speech, and what can be more patriotic than standing up for the recognition of our fallen soldiers?? Fox is revealing itself as fascist by its response to his brave words. And the other guys on that show should have picked up on the theme, not tried to diminish the point he was making. Montel sounded like the most intelligent one on the stage. The passing of a young talented actor is sad. The passing of young troops far away from home is a true tragedy.

  37. worldwone Says:

    Well said!

  38. Kim Says:

    Montel being cancelled just supports the fact that the media gives people what they want to hear. They want to hear about celebrities. I live in southern california and quite frankly I could give a hoot about the lives of celebrities. Talk about over-rated. But people who don’t live here act like groupie idiots when it comes to celebs and that’s what the media is playing to.

    Just don’t be a “groupie idiot”. Watch CNN. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s alot less groupie oriented.

  39. Dave Gilliam Says:

    It’s nice to see a man of Montel’s stature take such an unpopular stance as supporting our troops instead of discussing the death of an actor who’s life was a little out of control. I think Montel, as he always does, spoke his mind with grace, politeness and concern. He’s certainly got MY vote! The man is honest, not afraid to speak his mind, and so often says what a lot of us feel but don’t have the sphere of influence to make a difference. Montel does – I’m very proud to be a fellow veteran with him. Dave MSG(R) US Army

  40. Jennifer Hampton Says:

    Unfortunately, this once again proves that a heroic act, such as Montel’s, will bring upon harsh consequences. It is this kind of heroism that is inspiring, however.

    I hope he does get his show back on the air, but if not, I’m sure great things will happen for him.

    The fact that his show was cancelled because he voiced his opinion is a real eye-opener to me. I will be curious to read his book.

    Mom of 5 boys–Jennifer

  41. Sal Says:

    Thanks for the great words. More people need to realize that there is more to “real” life than movie stars. Our freedom and the freedom of others is being protected by our soldiers and some give “all” .

  42. thu786 Says:

    Please bring montel back. It’s a good show that has helped millions and he has respect for speaking the truth….peace

  43. Sam Says:

    I do not watch MSM anyway…. and FOX is ugh! The country gets the government we deserve. We have to protect people like Montel who speak their minds. Let us all boycott fox news… 100%

  44. Susan Says:

    BRAVO MONTEL!!!!!!!!!!SHAME ON ALL FOX NEWS and all of the other news agencies that only care about ratings. I am an ARMY Mom and proud of it. My son fights for the freedoms and rights of everyone in this country and receives very little gratitude or monetary compensation. He does it willingly to ensure a life free from tyranny and persecution for us all. What have our celebrities done for their fellow man???????????????

  45. Tamara Says:

    Lets get him back

  46. mike morello Says:

    Montell Williams is a great man. Just the other day I was having a discussion out of blue about how he was just about the last honest talk show host on television. Then he gets cancelled out of no where. This is pure outrage!!! If anyone can tell me or let me know how I can personally help to get him back on television please let me know. You can contact me at mike103169@aol.com.

  47. chuck norris Says:

    i support montell 100%…he is a true American

  48. ladybear Says:

    Montel ROCKS!

    He will find a new and better TV home. His fans love and will support him in everything
    he does. I wonder if Sylvia saw this comin?! 😉

    Love You Montel! Big Hugs XOXO

  49. Gulf War Vet Says:

    Because you probably have not, and will not see coverage lasting more than 30 seconds about these honorable people who have lost their lives for this god-for-saken war …… ALL 39 SOLDIERS WHO HAVE DIED WILLINGLY for the month of JANUARY, 2008:

    31-Jan-2008 1st Lieutenant David E. Schultz Scania – Qadisiyah Hostile – hostile fire – indirect fire
    31-Jan-2008 Captain Michael A. Norman Baghdad Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    28-Jan-2008 Sergeant James E. Craig Mosul – Ninawa Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    28-Jan-2008 Staff Sergeant Gary W. Jeffries Mosul – Ninawa Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    28-Jan-2008 Specialist Evan A. Marshall Mosul – Ninawa Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    28-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Brandon A. Meyer Mosul – Ninawa Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    28-Jan-2008 Private Joshua A. R. Young Mosul – Ninawa Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    27-Jan-2008 Sergeant Mikeal W. Miller National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda – Baghdad Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    27-Jan-2008 Major Alan G. Rogers Baghdad (northeastern part) Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    26-Jan-2008 Staff Sergeant Robert J. Wilson Baghdad Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    25-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Duncan Charles Crookston Brooke Army Med Center, TX – Baghdad Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    25-Jan-2008 Sergeant Tracy Renee Birkman Owaset – Baghdad Non-hostile – injury
    22-Jan-2008 Sergeant Michael R. Sturdivant Kirkuk – At-Ta’mim Non-hostile – vehicle accident
    19-Jan-2008 Staff Sergeant Justin R. Whiting Mosul – Ninawa Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    19-Jan-2008 Lance Corporal James M. Gluff Al Anbar Province Hostile – hostile fire
    19-Jan-2008 Specialist Richard B. Burress Arab Jabour – Baghdad Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    19-Jan-2008 Specialist Jon M. Schoolcraft III Taji – Baghdad Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    16-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Danny L. Kimme Balad – Salah Ad Din Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire, grenade
    16-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class David H. Sharrett II Balad – Salah Ad Din Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire, grenade
    16-Jan-2008 Specialist John P. Sigsbee Balad (died in Pallouata) – Salah Ad Din Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire, grenade
    12-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Keith E. Lloyd Tall Afar – Ninawa Hostile – hostile fire – IED
    11-Jan-2008 Lance Corporal Curtis A. Christensen Jr. Al Anbar Province Non-hostile
    09-Jan-2008 Specialist Todd E. Davis Sinsil – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack (house borne)
    09-Jan-2008 Staff Sergeant Sean M. Gaul Sinsil – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack (house borne)
    09-Jan-2008 Sergeant Christopher A. Sanders Sinsil – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack (house borne)
    09-Jan-2008 Sergeant 1st Class Matthew I. Pionk Sinsil – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack (house borne)
    09-Jan-2008 Staff Sergeant Jonathan Kilian Dozier Sinsil – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack (house borne)
    09-Jan-2008 Sergeant Zachary W. McBride Sinsil – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack (house borne)
    09-Jan-2008 Sergeant David J. Hart Samarra (died in Balad) – Salah Ad Din Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire
    09-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Ivan E. Merlo Samarra – Salah Ad Din Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire
    09-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Phillip J. Pannier Samarra – Salah Ad Din Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire
    07-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Timothy R. Hanson Salman Pak – Babil Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire
    06-Jan-2008 Specialist James D. Gudridge Baghdad (southern part) Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    05-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Jason F. Lemke Ibrahim Al Adham – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack
    04-Jan-2008 Petty Officer 2nd Class Menelek M. Brown Arabian Gulf – NA Non-hostile – drowning
    03-Jan-2008 Major Andrew J. Olmsted Sadiyah – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire
    03-Jan-2008 Captain Thomas J. Casey Sadiyah – Diyala Hostile – hostile fire – small arms fire
    02-Jan-2008 Staff Sergeant Ryan D. Maseth Baghdad Non-hostile
    02-Jan-2008 Private 1st Class Joshua R. Anderson Kamasia – Baghdad Hostile – hostile fire – IED attack

  50. Dameond J. Says:

    Montel deserves an award for caring about the troops not disgust and walking papers. I thought it was disgusting when they covered Anna Nicole’s death so much. Ok she was a drugged out wannabe star who happened to die. Sorry for here and the family but she never did anything for me so why care so much. And I feel the same about Heath Ledger. Montel is right….we need to recognize the men and women putting their lives on the line for our freedom. BRING MONTEL BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Nancy Fidler Says:

    Please bring Montel back on now. He is the best their is.

  52. cookie Says:

    WHAT THE HECK????? Montel is THE BEST!!!!!! WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE TAKING SOMEONE OFF THE AIR AS TIMELY AS MONTEL!!!! Bring him Back!!!!! What can we do to bring back Montel???Boycott that channel???? Everything he said is the truth and I think most of are right beside him in his beliefs!!!!!!!!

  53. Kathlene Slaton Says:

    What in the world is going on bring back Montel or you will lose so many people that tune in just to watch hish show shame on you for doing this to Montel.

  54. Elaine orvis Says:

    What is the matter wth you peopleAt Fox.What politicians back side are you kissing{like we don’t know]?You can’t stand the truth? TV is supposed to be about the truth.Montel’s honesty is what we fans watch him for.If you don’t like thetruth about your own government then you Fox, are the ones who should be taken off the air.Montel is about the truth.It’s to bad your not…..Keep Montel on the air, We all love him.

  55. Becky Says:

    JUST because he spoke the TRUTH, Mr. Williams is being ostracized by FOX Television! I sincerely doubt that his talk show would have been cancelled if he had been WHITE! (I am white…it matters NOT what color a person is to me! Also I love Oprah! I USED to be a Republican, too.))

  56. Max Says:

    Montel I want you to fight with us to get you back on the air, we miss you and love you. Someone needed to fight for our servicemen and you had th
    e guts to stand up for them. Thank you and lets get you back on the air.


  57. stephanie zarzana Says:

    i love montel he talks about what is right and has helped me through alot just watching his shows me and my family sit down to watch montel .he is a man that is real and is faithful in what he believes in we need montel he has changed my life and he is a strong black man to do his shows with ms and not letting that take a toll on his life then u know he is the right man for people to watch and look up to because of him my 7 yearold wants to be a talk show host …don’t take him away we need a man like him he should run for office he would be a good leader

  58. stephanie zarzana Says:

    don’t take montel away he is a good man and he has helped alot of people not only on his sows but the people at home who watchs him

  59. Mark Says:

    Like a true American Patriot, Montel had the balls to tell it like it is and Fox fired him! Fox has a proven history of canning journalists who make attempts at getting out the truth. They first try to buy them out of telling the truth with money and when they realized that they can’t, then FOX fires them. FOX fired journalists Steve Wilson and Jane Akre who tried to get the Monsanto story out about harmful chemicals in milk. Fair and Balanced…that’s a laugh!

    Montel Williams is a decent, honest and true American patriot who sincerely cares about his fellow countrymen and he isn’t afraid to speak the truth at any cost…including the cost of his own job! God Bless you Montel! You rock!

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