Press coverage of Montel’s Show Cancellation

WIKIPEDIA Montel Williams
MSNBC Montel Williams’ show canceled after 17 years
Youtube Montel’s book 21 Days… he comments on his show
Variety Montel Williams calls it quits
China View CBS talk show host Montel Williams will not talk
New York Times Farewell ‘Montel’
BlackVoices All Talked Out: Montel Williams Ends 17-Year Daytime Talk Show


12 Responses to “Press coverage of Montel’s Show Cancellation”

  1. Greg B. Says:

    Now we know what going against the grain at FOX gets you.

    Hope you get your show back. I’ll be watching it more often.

    Get a job on another network. A better network. (Practically ANY network)

  2. kathy Says:

    Montel, you will be missed!!!!!love and respect!!!!

  3. mel Says:

    i agree with montel and what he did on national television.
    i respect montel even more.
    it’s a shame that foreign countries get the “real news” while we keep talking about celebrity deaths, and their craziness rather than “real issues”.

  4. Laurie Says:

    I think Fox news should be canceled

  5. D- Says:

    I never watched nor cared for Montel but GOOD FOR YOU!! Its about time some said that too bad it cost you your show.
    Whats with the Dan Abrams coverage??? I had previous respect for him as a legit reporter

  6. R Carter Says:

    Montel said EXACTLY what I have been thinking for the past couple of days. Fox News and the rest of the major media has been helping to keep our focus off the brave men and women dying each and every day. Montel speaks up and “They” take away his job and livelihood? Let’s all stand together and demand justice for Montel!!

  7. Marsh Says:

    This is an outrage! I am so happy u posted this and I got to see the video. I don’t watch much TV but when I have had Montel on I always enjoyed him. He had a very big point and I agree with him totally. Losing a brother to a drunken driver has made me very aware to how out of whack media coverage is. I have come to really resent the hype.
    I think it is disgraceful that they don’t post “our” boys that died in “our” war so we can keep on wasting good media time and oil on unnecessary happenings.
    Thank you again and Peace 2 u

  8. Nancy Says:

    Montel: Don’t stop talking. That is my advise to you. Don’t stop talking. You are of the light. Whether you talk on your show or elsewhere, you must spread the word. The word of truth…about the war, about the elite, about what is really happening to this country, about what is going on with this government. Just don’t stop talking.

  9. Barbara Says:

    Montel Please don’t stop talking about this unnecessary war. You were absolutly right about your feelings of our troops being ignored when they are killed by not even putting their names on the air so we can see what valiant men and women are sacrificing. I truly hope you did not lose your show because you were honest and sincere. I say God Bless you for speaking up.

  10. fauxnewsuks Says:

    Fox news is a joke they did montel a favor,they are under cover facist never believe a word you here on fox for commys,they are traitors ans should be held on treason charges!!

  11. worldwone Says:

    Marsh, sorry for your loss and I appreciate your comments about my posting the video. I hope to highlight other examples of neglected coverage as it comes to light.

  12. Levi Says:

    It’s just nice to see someone that finally shows true understood respect, and appreciation for my fellow soldiers and marines that perform a duty that no one else has the balls to do, but yet so many people want to enjoy and take for granted what some gave a little for and others gave all for. And if the facts are that fox fired Montel Williams after saying he would rather talk about the soldiers the a “popular icon” then screw FOX! without the servicemen and women and the ones before us there wouldn’t be any “popular icons”.

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