Montel Williams cancellation Fox Responds

Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld is a late-night talk show on the Fox News Channel. Gufeld responded to Laurie Stoffel who said she was greatly offended by the cancellation. Even though the show and the questions sent to it often have a tongue-in-check style, the over-the-top comments about the Montel Williams show are sure to keep the debate going.



3 Responses to “Montel Williams cancellation Fox Responds”

  1. new respect for Montel Says:

    Greg Gutfeld – are you for real? The man was fired for speaking his mind. You should be supporting him because if you say one wrong word (ie: something FOXership doesn’t like) on your FOX show, you will be gone too.

    At least Montel supports the people who go off an die for a war whether they agree or not. You just lip synch whatever Fox feeds you.

  2. Mark Says:

    His name should be Greg Gutless! Montel had the balls to tell it like it is and Fox fired him! Fox has a proven history of canning journalists who make attempts at getting out the truth. The first try to buy them out of telling the truth and when they realized that they can’t make honest journalists lie, then FOX fires them. FOX fired journalists Steve Wilson and Jane Akre who tried to get the Monsanto story out about harmful chemicals in milk. Fair and Balanced…that’s a laugh!

    Montel Williams is a decent, honest and true American patriot who sincerely cares about his fellow countrymen and he isn’t afraid to speak the truth at any cost…including his own job! God Bless you Montel! You rock!

  3. Levi Says:

    It’s just nice to see someone that finally shows true understood respect, and appreciation for my fellow soldiers and marines that perform a duty that no one else has the balls to do, but yet so many people want to enjoy and take for granted what some gave a little for and others gave all for. And if the facts are that fox fired Montel Williams after saying he would rather talk about the soldiers the a “popular icon” then screw FOX! without the servicemen and women and the ones before us there wouldn’t be any “popular icons”.

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