Montel Campaign at

Following the cancellation of the Montel Williams show, an online petition has been set up. Please click here to register your support. The website makes it easy to see others who have signed and also to email the petition to everyone you know. This petition will be circulated to the broadcast community to help Montel launch a new show. Thanks so much for your support.


4 Responses to “Montel Campaign at”

  1. rick cramer Says:

    bring the man back
    what are they scared of


  2. new respect for Montel Says:

    hmmm… let’s see…

    (((Fox*current administration)+Carl Rove)-Montel’s statement)/censorship in favor of Bush Propaganda)=Montel’s cancelation

    You do the math.

  3. Jasmine Says:

    I have so much more respect for Montel now! Bring Him Back.

  4. sandy Says:

    today you have to be afraid of the truth, they know when you call your mother, this is no longer a free country and all of the news stations do not report the truth, any station that supports a man running for president who sings , bomb,bomb,bomb,bomb,bomb Iran the beach boys ( barbara ann) remember the song. BRING BACK MONTEL

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